Portfolio | Sherkston Shores

RAAI has been involved in a three phase project for Sherkston Shores, the first phase recently been completed includes for a new 200 seat restaurant that fit into a renovated portion of the southern town square pre-engineered building plaza. The second phase included for a new 10,000 ft2 multi purpose space which links both the restaurant on the south side and additional amenity spaces on the north side. This included for a new marker façade building as well as inclusion of a public square to the west of the addition. The final phase will include for a new indoor swimming pool including change rooms and washrooms. The overall complex envisioned to be completed over a three year time frame will include for an overall expenditure of $9 million and upgraded facilities at Sherkston Shores that can be enjoyed by the recreational resident homes year round.

Interior Designer:  Lex Parker Design Consultants