Portfolio | Port Colborne Fire & Emergency Services

Completed in 2004, this 17,400 ft2 facility serves the dual purpose of the main fire station, as well as serving as the headquarters for any emergency in the Port Colborne area. The facility was constructed on a 7 acre site on “The Island” in the centre Port Colbone at the junction of the Welland Canal and the Weir Channel. The building was also designed with a small museum component off the main entrance to display antique equipment and photos. Sixteen foot high windows in this area allows the displays to be lit up at night and viewed from passing motorists. (and passing ships as well) A training centre for staff and other municipal employees as well as full change rooms are included. The apparatus area is comprised of four double deep drive-through bays. Due to its location next to the Welland Canal the exterior is designed with a nautical theme. The exterior material palette includes a combination of architectural block and metal siding combined with a sloped metal roof system.