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Artcraft Kitchens

Artcraft Kitchens
Artcraft Kitchens

Niagara Falls, Ontario 

Located along the QEW in Niagara Falls, Artcraft Kitchens has been synonymous for quality and creative millwork design throughout the Niagara Peninsula. The expansion of this facility incorporated modern materials and takes advantage of compact building design in the consolidation of operations into one facility. The facade is glass curtain wall in clean hortiztonal lines; that implies motion. The building is grounded with a natural stone veneer base; that implies strength. The rough sawn timber beams and wooden deck form part of the canopy and interior entrance structure, a natural product used in their manufacturing. The material palette is reflective of the quality of the products used in their manufacturing process and grounded in tradition of quality, craftsmanship and creative design as a reflection of their corporate identity.  

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