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We Are A Leading Niagara Architecture Firm

We understand our clients and apply our knowledge in providing them with excellent Architectural consulting services and creative support solutions that will add “value” to their building projects and in turn their life cycle. We provide a variety of architectural services that reflect our vision and our philosophy.

    Architectural Design

    The scope of services we offer illustrates our wide array of project experience. We are an award-winning Firm with various types of projects ranging from: Educational, Office, Healthcare, Entertainment, Hospitality, Assembly, Restaurants, Pools, Private Residential, Multi-Story Residential, Heritage, and Religious Facilities. Each project presents it’s own set of challenges, from new construction to renovation we continue to implement creative problem solving skills to help realize the final goals of our clients.

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    Interior Design

    The final product is what the end user and patrons see in any environment. It creates the ‘feel’ that in turn is a first impression that affects the type of business or facility persons interact in. At RAAI, we thrive on understanding the client and their needs to develop a space that gives their users a positive and lasting impression. Our dedicated team of professionals, with varying areas of focus, work together with a goal of creating an aesthetically pleasing environment, while satisfying the client’s wants and program function of the building. Materials and finishes are selected with more than the final vision in mind. We have a vast array of project experience which gives us the firsthand knowledge and understanding on how specific materials stand up to use, abuse and time. We constantly stay up-to-date on the latest products and materials while continuing to advance interior design services offered in our dynamic multi-discipline architectural firm.

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    Sustainable Design

    We consider sustainable design not just as a premium feature within design, but rather as an ethical, forward thinking service. With every project there is always a lingering consideration on the environmental impact to implementing the construction. We like to remind our clients that sustainability is not a series of check lists or independent systems. Sustainable buildings are designed holistically from the onset of the project. From the way the building sits on the site to the materials and finishes, all aspects should relate to one another and share the same goal. In all cases where the design and performance are not impacted, we will implement sustainable alternatives with minimal cost to the owner. This “value added service” is the basis with which we are building 21st century architecture that is ecologically minded as well as cost effective for our clients in both upfront and life cycle costs long-term.

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    Master Planning

    As Architects, we play a vital role in the organization of places and space, therefore, the social dimension is an important characteristic of architecture. We believe that architecture encompasses the whole; a building should not only serve its function but also be a contributor to the larger community context. Our master planning reflects our desire to enhance the built environment and the cultural landscapes in which they are part of. Our team works in collaboration with the client to develop comprehensive, future friendly, and socially responsible master plans that create a valid and interactive environment for health and well being for the user, client and the community.

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    We have years of experience working with Municipalities in a collaborative manner that will bring clients’ desires and visions to fruition. We are well-respected and our reputation of excellence allows us to work well with any Municipality. Working closely with government organizations we can design effective solutions that will allow our clients to gain the necessary approvals needed to see through their objectives. We aim to achieve consensus in our approach with various Municipal and Jurisdictional authorities.

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    Heritage Renovation Revitalization

    Our experience in revitalization, renovation, adaptive-reuse, and conservation of architectural heritage has allowed for us to gain knowledge of an integrated design approach to supporting heritage. We understand that architecture is culturally significant and is embedded with cultural values from epochs of the past. Places and spaces of the past are marked with multiple layers and histories. Therefore, we are respectful in our approaches to revitalizing and renovating heritage buildings while also mindful of our designs so that they are suitable and sympathetic within their context. We play a role in how new and revitalized old buildings are remembered and how in turn they can reflect and showcase the importance of heritage in the communities in which they are located so they can be understood and appreciate and or repurposed for generations to come.

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