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Northcliff Residence

Northcliff Residence
Northcliff Residence

St. Catharines, Ontario 

Completed in 2015, this 3730 square foot residence was built to replace an aging home on the same site where the owner has lived for many years. In choosing to stay connected with the neighbourhood and neighbours the new house utilized the same front and side setbacks as the original house in order to preserve the same street setback and maintain minimal disruption to the neighbours. This meant the rear yard setback was reduced to make way for a larger footprint. The footprint of the house was reduced by adding a smaller second floor with a lounge and bedrooms. The second floor was scaled appropriately such that the house still fit the scale of the predominately single storey neighbourhood. 

The design incorporates features inspired by the prairie style, including low pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, clerestory windows and horizontal lines. Part of the design also was to create both indoor and outdoor living spaces. A exterior knee wall was placed near the front entrance with integrated planters and stone veneer to match the house. This visually disappears when viewed from the street and creates a gathering space. 

This home infill into existing infrastructure preserves space and urban sprawl while strengthening the existing established neighbourhood. 

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