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Patterson Funeral Home

Patterson Funeral Home
Patterson Funeral Home

Niagara Falls, Ontario 

Patterson Funeral Home was the former Alanson Ross House and Ross Carriage Factory. The Carriage Factory was a building attached to the rear of the house and established in 1826. The building is one of the oldest and best preserved structures along Main Street. The architectural style is considered as neoclassical. The completed expansion involved a major addition along the south side of the building. The owners retained much of the existing building along Main Street. Improvements included new cultured stone veneer along the lower section of the original building front and a new entrance feature. The front windows were protected but accented with new black vinyl shutters. New pilasters and moldings were generously added as accent features which provided a very stately look to the building. There was the addition of lighting and extensive landscaping to provide an overall updated look. The facade improvements to the funeral home have added considerable value to the property and general area around the funeral home. 

*Winner of a 2011 Niagara Community Design Facade Improvement Award*

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