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Taps Brewhouse

Taps Brewhouse
Taps Brewhouse

Niagara Falls, Ontario 

This former automotive service centre had been vacant for years and had become quite the eye sore in the downtown core. The project was completed in 2009, during a time of resurgence and revitalization incentives proposed by the City. The site is an interesting one in that it is located on the cross roads of both Valley Way and Queen St. and has a great degree of visibility as one approaches the downtown core through either direction. The buildings north south dimension gives further strength to its location and visibility, creating a strong edge to the streets, forming a square to the street intersections. This square has since hosted many of entertainment events throughout the summer months. As an example of adaptive reuse, the project can be deemed a catalyst for further downtown revitalization. The projects colour palette and material selections showcase its simple and economic means in a cost effective manner to bring greater appeal, strengthening the downtown community and existing infrastructure. 


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