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Thorold Nursery School

Thorold Nursery School
Thorold Nursery School

Thorold, Ontario 

Thorold Co-Operative Nursery School Inc. is a non-profit nursery school that is licensed and regulated by the Province of Ontario and staffed by qualified teachers. The non-structured environment and variety of program activities encourages each child to grow. Completed in 1992 and located on a current DSBN school site, the nursery school was funded by Government Funds and can accommodate up to 60 preschoolers. The design of the facility was based upon an old school house located in Jordan, Ontario which has become a landmark in the region. The design also incorporates a scale that is sympathetic to its users and utilizes colours to create a welcoming and playful atmosphere for children. Large windows in the activity spaces allow for the preschoolers to conduct their activities by natural light. 

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